hey im still fairly new to bass and am wondering whats a good string gauge and set of strings for playing heavy metal, like manowar type stuff, thx also what effects should i get same line of music:P
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um, heavy ones. I use ones that are just above average. I'm in Drop C, and my low B string is in G.

Effects. It's all personal. I don't use any, just the knobs on my bass. It sounds great.
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On playing bass.
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I'm in C# standard and my low B string is in a G# so I run 35-135 on my 6 string and my 4 string ESP that's in C# as well I run 50-110. For my Ibby that I keep in standard I have 45-100

All of it depends on tuning mate. As for effects, my vote goes to none depending on your amp. I really like mine but I really want to add a compressor pedal to help even out my sound which is something I'd recommend if yours doesn't have one built in. If you really want to cover up your amps tone then a good overdrive pedal should do the trick