I never really played guitar, but I can read tabs. I've set a goal to learn a whole song by Sept. (1 month) I like hard rock, and metal. Could I learn most songs in a month?
it depends.......If youve never played before, start with just getting used to the feel of where the strings are, your fretting hand position, and all that stuff. Do that and get comfortble before learning a song. You could start with learning Enter Sandman (except for the solo). That's a pretty easy metal song, but yu will make plenty of mistakes after just 1 month of picking up a guitar.
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Most... well the scope of hard rock and metal is tens of thousands of songs, so saying 'most' is pretty pointless. Also, we don't know how good you are... although if you've never really played, then we can probably assume NOT VERY. So to that end, I am fairly sure that NO, you could not learn most songs in a month. People will go to extremes here and say you couldn't learn a single Dream Theater or Dragon Force song (I've been playing 10 years and I can only play a few DT songs) and even the million dollar riff makers Angus and Malcolm have some pretty accomplished lead lines and solos...

Having said that, there are myriad songs you could learn. But honestly, if you're just starting out, I would suggest learning some theory first. One of my mates went down the path of learning to shred - now he can play Canon Rock but can't manage a C chord.
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You have never played before, but can read tab? Do you have any musical background at all? If you just picked up a guitar for the first time today and are just looking to create a "portfolio" of songs, i would recommend learn some Nirvana / Greenday / Blink 182 / nofx / rise against. These are good places to start for easy music to learn. Mostly power chords. Even a beginner should be able to pick up these bands pretty easily. Other than some chord change speed (as a beginner) theres really nothing to them.

If your looking to become a good guitarist, better start thinking in years as opposed to months. Learn some theory. It will help you answer your own questions (sometimes) as well as help writing your own music.

P.S. if your reasonably disciplined and practice regularily, you could probably learn a few albums in a month (using the above noted or "easy" bands). Dont expect to learn a bunch of Metallica songs quite as easily.
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Yeah start with easy songs until you gain experience and knowledge of music theory. Getting a teacher will speed up this process but if you're patient enough, you can do it on your own. Once you have more experience, you can typically learn songs in hours or days and retaining the rhythms and chords should be a piece of cake.
in my experince most metal and hard rock seems to be more intermediate and advanced then for someone just starting off you should learn basics atleast before you learn a song and if you want to play those genres I recomend learning how to finger tap at first its hard but give it a while and it will be extremly easy I can not tell you an easy hard rock or metal song I know because I dont know any well you could try "I was wrong" by Social distortion it has lots of power chords and an easy solo
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Well, my first song was Enter Sandman by Metallica. It's a fairly simple song. I would give that a try.
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Well, my first song was Enter Sandman by Metallica. It's a fairly simple song. I would give that a try.

Or..... How about Sandman by Beatallica?