Two EQ Pedals

1 for adjusting your guitar sound (first pedal in chain)
1 for adjusting your wah sound (right after the wah in chain)

For example:

Guitar -> MXR 6 Band EQ -> Vox Classic Wah -> MXR 6 Band EQ -> Amp

Would that work? I.E., the second EQ wouldn't change the guitar sound but would change the wah sound, such as making it more bright or more bassy?
Quick answer: No.
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The second eq will change the whole chain, not just the wahwah, which kinda makes the first one redundant
I think Dimebag used two EQ's, one in the chain and one in the FX loop. His tone isn't really "good" though.

Yeah, that isn't really going to work, as the 2nd EQ will still affect the guitar.
The RMC wah pedal line has a wah with a graphic EQ built in.

What you're describing would not work unless your wah had an effects loop.
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you'd have to put the wah and the eq pedal in it's own loop separated from the main chain.
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