Poll: Do you have a negative outlook on life?
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Yes, I'm a mega pessimist.
42 47%
Nope, I'm usually pretty positive.
22 25%
Velociraptor Stew
25 28%
Voters: 89.
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Are you? I feel like I'm way too negative all the time. If so, why are you negative? Do you like it? Are you happy? I'm coming to realize that one of the reasons I'm unhappy is that I have a very negative outlook on life. And I'm having some serious troubles fixing it. How do you manage to look on the bright side? What in life makes you truly happy?
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What in life makes you truly happy?

Sex, drugs and rock and roll. Seriously. Well, maybe not so much the drugs.
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Hmmm so so.

Idk... I'm extremely negative, but at the same time I'm very happy. I just know that i can learn from people's stupidity and be a better person out of it.
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I'm really pesimistic, but I have a reason. If you think low of everything, nothing can disappoint you. There are only surprises.

Still, I always do my best.
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I don't really have either, I have a REALISTIC outlook given the situation.
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Sometimes a realistic view seems pessimistic, and an optimistic view seems fantastic. I usually tend to lean towards "pessimism" but I'm a very happy person.
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Neither reflects how humans really act.
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I'm pretty pessimistic, and no, I don't like it.
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I am pessimistic, but I choose it so I don't become naive and ignorant. I may not like it, but it is all I have.
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I used to be pretty negative but I think I've changed that a little bit over the past two years.
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I'm actually very optimistic. The only times I'm really negative is when I'm craving for attention. I think it's the case for a lot of people, if not most.
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I am in the middle. I can be either way, negative or positive. Mainly depends on the situation.
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On the bright side, someday I will die and not have to deal with anybody's crap anymore.

Pessimistic when im looking after myself, optimistic when its other people.

But i've actually been compared to Marvin The Robot before.
Me? I'm slipknot5678, the most optimistic person on the site. Refer back to my post in September 2009.

Seriously though, and I'm not trolling, this is completly ****ing serious. I'd say yes, I'm negative. I have a negative veiw on almost everything and I don't care if I die at age 19 because I don't see a future at all. I could use more examples but I won't.
i can be a drag if my hormones get to me, but as long as I have time/space to excercise, have something to smoke, and some m00zic, I can usually stay fairly positive (assuming there's nothing horrible going on in my life)

usually, I'm only a negative person if I've been cooped up at home too long or just completely drained of energy, but I figure theres really never a point in staying all pissy and miserable. I find it's really a pain to hang around quiet, depressed people tbh
I'm a huge pessimist, but it doesn't bother me. I sort of like it actually. I can be postive, but I just usually choose not to be.
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Eh, being 14, my hormones are retarded, so my outlook on life can be different from day to day.

But most of the time, I have a pretty positive attitude.
Depends on my mood. Sometimes yes, sometimes no.
Right now I'm incredibly pessimistic, but my knee hurts so bad it's almost impossible to walk and mom is going to have to see her house because she's been laid off too long and can't keep up with payments. I think my negativity is justified.
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I am a natural at spotting the negatives in something, I just prefer the downer stuff compared to happy sh*t.

And as such I'm very happy and have a great outlook on life I'd like to think.
I am sometimes, but usually I try not to be. I've realized that most things aren't as bad as they first seem.
I can't think of a happy moment since I moved from my old house, i've tried to be as optimistic as possible, but I just can't fight all the negativity in here. Almost 2 months of constant sadness :/

So, I'd say I'm as negative as I can be right now.
I'm in the middle. I think I lean towards being pessimistic though because that way I won't get disappointed if things don't turn out right.

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But i've actually been compared to Marvin The Robot before.

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i usually only see the glass half empty,
i am very pessimestic and very negative,
my boss actually reminded me of that yesterday
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