Hey Bros. First time here. Need some help with a question I just cant seem to get answered. I have been playing guitar for about a year and a half now and just bought a bc rich beast guitar. its bronze series sob type thing, black with red trim. cant seem to find it anywhere to find out the exact name. But anyway it has a bridge that has no tremolo and i would love to have a tremolo on my guitar. Is there anything I can buy and simply just unscrew and screw right back on?? Or is it more complicated than that?
Oh yea and nooooooo Floyd roses. I change tunning way to much for that.

Thanks alot bros.
Is it a tune-o-matic with a tailpeice? or is it both in one? or is it a string through?

If it's the first one, I have seen some but they are around 250$+. The others, no. If you really wan't one, you would to take out the bridge, fill the wholes, route your guitar for whatever tremelo, and then install it. This would mean you have to restring it and refinish it.