I have been customizing my esp mh 50 (the old agathis model) and i want to put a pickguard on it. I dont know what the shape would be like of the pickguard so im wondering if anyone has put a pickguard on a esp mh, ibanez s, or any strat with this shape i would like to see what it looked like.

.........so far i have put original floyd rose, dimarzio x2n and d activator x, 1k pots, dimarzio go to 11 knobs, esp metal truss rod cover, 5 way selector
Maybe get some blank pickguard material and carve it as you like, but I don't see a pickguard working with that guitar.
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Ya i got it all scratched up lately and i want to hide them but i never have put a pickguard on a guitar that is not flat??!!!???!!!???!! :s