I really want a new amp because i currently own a Marshall MG10 and I'll have the money when I get payed this week but my dad said what I have is fine note I've been playing for 3 years maybe a little over that and I just got into a band last week including me a total of 5 people the amp I was looking to get was a Peavey Valveking 112 any words to convince him otherwise ?
Donnell McKnignt
go for something used, i'm 13, and i got a peavy cab and a crate head for like $325 used, and it sounds great!
Because I just don't feel comfoatble getting something someone allready have used unless it's something like a case or pedal nothing much you can do with things like that I don't know what they could have done to it can I even get a warranty?
Donnell McKnignt
Some amps have transferable lifetime warranties, but you're not going to get one on a $500 budget.

The VK is a good amp after some modding and tweaking, but the Vypyr Tube 60 is better out of the box.

As far as convincing him, tell him that your amp is not loud enough for band practice. Make a car analogy, like "no one drives their first car forever" or something like that. Your needs have grown, and therefore you should upgrade accordingly.
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TBH, I'd rather have a used tube amp than a used pedal. Pedals break much easier, and are often hard to find someone to repair it. Once it's broken, it's broken.

Tube amps, on the other hand, are usually easier for someone technically skilled to fix, and often can even be fixed by a changing of tubes or something.