Now as a university student. It's a pain in the ass carrying my books to and from university everyday, they weigh a ton, and having to carry my backpack with laptop/texts/drumsticks/extras for the day and a guitar everyday sorta screws with the back.

now these E-reader thingys. you put books on them. they're there in digital form. you read. wouldn't textbook publishers make a bomb selling the texts in digital format, that way you could buy them and still have your back in a normal state when you finish uni.

If you've never heard of these things


these guys

What does the pit think.

E-readers for textbooks yay or nay?
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I think some companies have published their textbooks online. You buy access to it on the website for a cheaper price than the actual book.
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Hence, get an iPad.

Ipad = £300

E-reader = £139

plus im enough of an apple fanboy as it is without buying more of their stuff... macbook, Imac, when it comes out Imac touch, Iphone and had an Ipod till i bought the Iphone then sold the Ipod because i didn't need it.

plus the size of the Imac compared to the Sony e-reader in the OP is ridiculous, the e - reader is about the same size as an A5 piece of paper. the Ipad is pretty big in comparison
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I find it much easier to read from paper than a screen. I wouldn't use the e reader, I would look at storage solutions on campus.
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I find it much easier to read from paper than a screen. I wouldn't use the e reader, I would look at storage solutions on campus.

theyve got some weird screen from what ive heard anyway, it doesn't have glare on it, its like looking at a piece of paper. but im unsure. theres got to be something wrong with them.

and on campus storage would be fantastic, but where i study all available space is taken up with practice rooms/band rooms/tech rooms, (I'm a music student we have our own building). and the only things we're allowed to really store are amps and drums.
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Gave in and pre-ordered the new kindle today. Might blog it up once I've gotten around it.

IPad is a stupid suggestion. It costs about £300 more than the market standard e-reader, has a much shorter battery life, is much more cumbersome and is backlit so reading in anything but a darkened room is impossible.

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iPad would be better. You can take notes and whatnot.

As can any current gen e-reader.
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