Is your bassist afraid of using strings other than the E? It's a bit dull dude, if I'm honest. It needs something more. Lyrics/vocals would help, but that's a bit hard in GP. ANyway, it's a good platform to build on.
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Holy crap, check this out!
He is the kind of bassist who isn't very...good but he's all he got.
His excuse is he wants to give the song "a solid back bone"

But feel free to edit it and give me an interperatation

also what are your thoughts on the solo's
Hey there.
I just listened to your song. It's a very standard song to me, but some riffs are good.

The first riff is so so. Kinda of boring this way but you can improve it. Change the drums, add some variation. At 9 when the lead guit kicks in, it doesn't really add anything to the song excception playing the same pattern 2 octaves up. Maybe you could do a smooth lead instead.

46-60 is the best part of the song. This part has a real groove compared to the rest of the song. Stick to it. Try changing the groove of the drums the second time it plays, and don't play only eights on top of that with the bass. 53 would be a great place to add some melody notes on the bass. And the bass could also punch the pinch harmonic with an octave.

61-68 : the riff is good, but the drums really sucks.

First part of the solo : it sounds very out of tune to me. Very confusing and not sounding good at all. To be honest I'd trash the entire solo and try jamming something with your guit before tabbing it. It is out of tune at some places and very annoying.

The break down at 73 is a good idea but this way, it sounds really bad. Maybe you should write a better drum fill on this place. This is the perfect place to put your drums on the front while holding some notes on the guit.

Second part of the solo is a total mess to me. Just trash it, for the best of your song.

I hope I'm not too rude with you. This is a work in progress I guess. Don't worry, my songs often sucks when I write the first draft. You can improve this song a lot, you juste need an external opinion to be a good critical with your work.

I'm sure you know you can do better, don't give up dude!

I'd say 3/10 . Work around the awesome idea at 46-60. Don't fear deleting riffs. Don't stick to ideas you are not conviced of.

Hope this helps!!!

Transition 42-45 really sucks in my opinion. After the bass part, try to do an agressive slide from an octave up to the root note.