Ok I have one of those epiphone sg310 I think is what it's called, and I love everything about how the guitar feels in my hands, and I want to put decent pickups in it. I've been looking at the SH2 (Jazz) and SH4 (JB) seymour duncan pickup set. The reviews all seem to be amazing but they also seem to unanimously say they're very bright. I generally would play out of the neck, but I would have the JB for anything heavier if the situation called. This is like the only sg in the world that is made of alder apparently but I was curious as to how bright pickups would sound in a bright wood. Anyone have any insight? A local guitar tech said he dropped them in a crappy bc rich guitar and it made worlds of difference. I don't play anything very heavy. It's either clean or light tube gain through my egnater tweaker for a warm bluesy sound. I also like this set because it has the option to coil split both of the pickups, which I would do via push pull pots.

Any advice, suggestions, or knowledge would be amazing.
I would recommend an alnico 2 pro for the neck. Very thick and syrupy if you want it to be, but still pretty clear. I wouldn't get too hung up on the bridge being bright, as your guitar has a mahogany neck (I think). Most people who think the JB is too bright in alder forget about the maple neck. If you are still worried about the sound being too bright, then try something like an tone zone/air zone or a norton/air norton. Sounds like you play lower gain stuff, so you may want to avoid high gain pickups. However, I like medium-high output pickups for low gain work. If I were you, I would try out an AP2 and a JB and judge it from there.

EDIT: Also, I would use the pickup buying guide thread from now on
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