I've been looking to buy me another Spector 4 string. I already have a spector 4 I use for Standard E to low D tunings, but I'd like a second one for lower tunings in case I need it. I know Spector has a Euro 4 lx 35 model with a 35 inch scale to handle low tunings but they're incredibly expensive and I was unable to find an affordable used one, so I'm thinking of just getting an affordable spector 4 and having the nuts filed down to fit higher gauged strings. My question is how much would it cost to have that repair done? ... Thanks, guys.
It shouldn't cost much at all, seeing as it should only take a qualified tech about 15 minutes tops.

I'd say around $15-25.

I'd try the strings out on the guitar first and make sure you need to have the slots opened up. A lot of times you won't need any filing done. Just depends on how big of a gauge string you choose.
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