This is a REAL post from Chris Langone, trying to explain why he sued Rush. What do you guys think?

So I am Chris Langone and yes I filed a lawsuit. Here's why:

1. I came in from New York to take a group of my friends to see my favorite band. I have seen RUSH on every tour since Moving Pictures in 1981 when I was 13. Oftentimes twice on the leg. I wanted to share the experience with my friends, some of whom had never seen RUSH. When the storm came a few of my friends suggested not going on account of the weather. I was strenuous in stating, "no" the tickets say rain or shine. I have sat through numerous concerts in the rain and was prepared to that night. We walked to the show from my hotel in the pouring rain - we all got drenched but once inside didn't care - we were going to see RUSH! At around 8:30 or 8:45 the rain stopped. The guy came on stage - we thought he was going to introduce the band, but instead stated that due to an incoming storm the show was going not going to proceed.

2. The next day I telephoned Stub Hub, from whom I bought the tix and asked for a refund of the ticket price. I was told no. I was told that no refunds are possible unless the show is totally cancelled -- and it might be rescheduled. As of now there is no rescheduled date. There are rumors it might be re-scheduled in September, but nothing is confirmed. And if so, possibly at a different venue - like in Tinley Park - where the sound sucks. Also, I cannot make a rescheduled show in September, which is the rumored date, as I will be back at Cornell where I have teaching and research responsibilities. So what I don't understand is why I cannot receive my money back. I spent almost $500 on tickets for a show that did not proceed and am being refused my money back based on an alleged policy of Live Nation, the promoter. I filed my lawsuit because I was denied my money back and think that people who request their money back should be able to get it. If people can make a rescheduled show, great -- but those who cannot should get their money back.

3. I would love to go see RUSH in New York or Toronto next week, but don't have the money to buy new tickets because I cannot get a refund of the $480 I already spent. If refunded the money (or even permitted an exchange) I would buy new tix for a show I can go to, but Live Nation does not allow this.

4. I have been advised that Live Nation operates the venue. I have also heard that the show did not proceed because there was shorted wires, etc. on account of the wet stage. One would think that a company that operates a venue for "rain or shine" shows would be able to keep to keep the stage dry - and if they were negligent and had to cancel the show as a result would at least offer refunds. I also believe that Live Nation knew before 8:30 they were going to have to cancel the show, but rather than post a notice on the gate to that effect, let people in to sell them overpriced concessions like $11 and $13 beers. The person who came on stage and said the show was being cancelled is, I believe, associated with Live Nation and he lied as to the reason - he stated it was due to an incoming storm (which was not the case) and not because Live Nation failed to protect the stage - it did not rain a drop that night after they announced cancellation. The show could have gone on - unless of course wires shorted due to Live Nation's inability to adequately protect the stage. And, if so, then Live Nation should honor requests for money back.

5. I am not suing for my air fare, or beers. I am only asking for the money spent on tickets, travel costs to the show, and out of pocket losses. Numerous posters in forums talked about driving hundreds of miles to the show, in the rain, to go see a "rain or shine: event. My lawsuit seeks to get money lost by all RUSH fans that lost out financially due to the rain or shine event. Anyone who does not want to be a part of the class action, has the right to opt out. Only people who, like me, want their money back will be a part of the lawsuit. "If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice."

6. I have heard second hand that Ticket Master is honoring refunds (not sure if that is true) but I did not get my ticket through Ticketmaster. I got a "Live Nation" ticket through stub hub and they are saying they cannot refund the ticket price because they follow the promoter's policy.

7. For legal reasons I was required to sue the band, because they are the princpal and Live Nation is the agent. If RUSH directs Live Nation to issue refunds, then I am advised Live Nation will be obligated to do so. All I want is my $480 back (and it is a class action - so others who are similarly situated should get their money back too).

8. I really believe I am doing a good thing for fans like myself screwed by an unscrupulous promoter. I also believe RUSH has integrity and the power to make this right. I don't think the personal attacks on me are warranted and I belive RUSH fans are intellecutal enough to realize, knowing the facts, that what I request is reasonable. To the extent the Chicago Sun Times and other news reports have given an erroneous impression as to what this lawsuit is about, I want to correct the record.

9. I will choose a path that's clear - I will choose free will. I am happy to discuss the merits of what I am doing with people in a rational, intellectual way. I have been called names, and even threatened with violence. As RUSH fans, we are better than that - we are fans of the smartest, most "thinking" band ever - if people really think there are good reasons that people should not get their money back for a show that never occurred then I want to hear them. Otherwise, I would hope fans would step up and demand the band and their promoter do the right thing.
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He doesn't seem like an ass to me. $480 is a lot of money. I'd be upset too.
The guy's got a point. I love Rush and all, but if they/the promoters screwed me like that, I'd be up in arms and wanting to sue as well.

Hope they all get their money back.
I think he has a good reason to be upset.
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Idk... I mean, sure I'd be mad about the money, but something tells me I wouldn't have the guts to sue my music heroes.
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Quote by Jasonbts
Idk... I mean, sure I'd be mad about the money, but something tells me I wouldn't have the guts to sue my music heroes.

Would you let your music heroes screw you in the ass and kick you to the kerb afterwards?