So my laptop is having this issue where a light constantly flickers on the bottom, where the start button/toolbar is. Can anyone tell me how to fix this? Do I need to replace the screen, or can it be fixed without a costly repair? If it's not a hardware issue, then what software is causing the problem?


There's a video of it.

Any help is much appreciated.
I'm no expert, but If you need to replace the bulb(or w/e it's called) You're screwed. If it need to be replaced it costs hundreds, and you will be better off buying a new computer.
go into command promt and type
-w screen//Win -v -d flick = 0 mode g144a121y c44u287n212t
this should fix it
If it's a hardware issue it's probably the back light in the screen. You should replace the screen before it goes completely out and then you won't be able to see anything. You can buy a replacement screen for under $100.
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