Title saids it all.

I want to do some Avant-Garde Metal experimentations. Very much influenced by Progressive Thrash, Technical Death Metal, Jazz, and the Art Punk movements of the 70's. Although that doesn't have to be it at all, if you have some other tastes and can accurately translate them into a heavy enough context then I'm down for WHATEVER.

The atmosphere will be like a solo project, everyone will work on their own pieces as they come and go, and other members will only be involved if you want them to be (say you need lyrics, programmed drums, solos, etc) That way, no ones vision is compromised via band politics.

The only thing I ask is that I get to handle mixing/mastering and keeping up appearences (designing logos, covers, etc)

Another thing, no chugga chug Meshuggah type stuff, as there already is a Meshuggah, and therefore need not be another Meshuggah. This also goes for clones of Dream Theatre, Satch, and every other artist that seems to get mimicked alot. I like those artist, just dont want to be those artist. And no straight ahead songs, if you can listen to it and pinpoint it down as thrash or death, or any specific genre, then add that to your other pile of songs, I'd like this outlet to be strictly for experimentation.

So yeah, respond and shit.