Sully Erna (Godsmack's singer) is apparently coming out with a solo album soon, and it's not going to be anything like Godsmack. More info if you want it: (http://weaponizedwisdom.blogspot.com/2010/08/godsmack-singer-set-to-release-solo.html)

I'm thinking it'll be interesting, but not an instant classic or anything. Going by that sound sample it's gonna be a lot of atmospheric, kinda ambient music plus Sully singing.

long story short I think it's gonna be rather meh, what do you guys think?
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Could be meh, very easily, you could very easily be quite right.
Could be interesting, tho, too, y'kno?
I think hearing his voice on a different style of music will be kinda refreshing. After a while, Godsmack's stuff all sounds kinda the same and blends into one. A friend asked me to hum the tune of Awake while listening to Realign the other day and holy shit it was difficult to do because I couldn't remember the difference between the two.
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I think given a lot of money to make one, my album would be better.
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I think his solo stuff will probably be refreshing to his fans too, itll b a good change of pace from Godsmack.. Btw his new CD is out september 14 and its entitled Avelon I think.. He has great acoustic talent, so im excited for the release!
I just downloaded Sinner's Prayer and The Departed from Avalon and they are pretty good. Different type of music. I liked them quite a bit.
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