Hey guys, this isn't advertising. I was messing around with Audacity today and I saw pitch change, i was like cool. So I loaded a song from my music folder, specifically Oblivion by Mastadon, and used pitch changer to make it sound like it was recorded in standard tuning. No loss of quality. It doesn't sound to well with anything below Drop C sadly. My life as a guitarist just got a lot easier now. I just thought I'd share my finding with people who didn't already know how to do this.

Okay, I thought you were gonna say you left your guitar in standard and made it sound lower, and I was gonna say that no-one can tell unless they're trying to play along with the song. However this is actually useful. Good job on not being predictable and having a good idea.
Thanks man, just looking out to help others. I don't have gear for br00htalz stuff, all I have is a Fender strat, Schecter 7 string, and Line 6 Valve (don't hate, brilliant amp) so now I can retain clarity on my single coils and not have to mess with trem springs.
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How do you change pitch?

Look for it in the track edit or whatever its called. Theres something called pitch change, just choose the original tuning, and then choose what you want to change the pitch to.
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Ahaha oh god this is fun

Dude I know haha, it sounds really funny when you do it to a live recording because the talking in the beginning sounds kinda off.
Hahahahahaha, I'm not joking I'll probably be doing this for hours!
I'm not sure if it does this is Audacity, but when I do it in Sony Acid it speeds up the song by just a little bit.
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I'm not sure if it does this is Audacity, but when I do it in Sony Acid it speeds up the song by just a little bit.

It doesnt get sped up in audacity, but the singers sound like girls some times haha like when you do it to Dream Theater
This is going to make learning songs I wanted to learn, but never felt like retuning to so much easier. Bump for knowledge.
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i've been using a plugin for winamp called pacemaker. It does what you're describing decently and saves me from having to change tunings on my guitar all the time. I can't really compare the quality of the two since i've never tried audacity tho.

I made a thread on it a loong time ago, but, other people seemed to think it was shitty.

I've used it for about 6 years i think.. so convenient!
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Reminds me of when I was using Audacity years back and I figured out how to play DT songs at half speed and then speed it up with the tempo change tool, making it sound like I could actually shred. Ah the days of being 12 and silly and dumb.

But OT, yeah it's fun to mess with all those tools and stuff, it's a great start to recording guitar.
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