I wrote this while venting and I kinda liked it. Prolly will add a few more lines at some point.


It’s five O’clock, and I’m at your home
I Wish things would change, but I know they won’t
The blows been dealt, yes the wounds are deep
It’s been months, but I still can’t sleep
Its Three AM, tears in my eyes
A silent night, I look to the skies
Its simple things, that gets me through
It’s so much different without you
It’s almost noon, and I stare in space
Your daily ghost, I see your face
Old memories, go rushing by
My heads a mess, my life’s awry

I know You’re with him, I’ve been with her
Let’s restart, the way things were
We can go back, it’s not too late
The simple fact, true loves innate
I can dream, and I can wish
And I can hope for one last kiss
When you say no, I understand
I should move on, but I feel I can’t
If I gave up, what would that say
I won’t believe love just fizzles away
I really love how it flows, but the concept feels really pop-ish and kinda cliched. Not in a bad way, just somewhat overused if you know what I mean.
First time I've ever heard 'innate' used in a song!
I like where this is going, I'd love to see what else you have to offer to this piece.