I need some help. i feel like whenever i pick up a guitar i play the like same 4 chords. and i can never really write anything. i feel like i'm stuck. i know this is like uninformative but if anyone can throw out some help, i'd be greatly appreciative!
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Listen to different music, analyse a song you like and see what scale he uses, what chords, does he move scales and that.
Try to move out of the simple A E D F chords and try adding bass notes like D/F# And throw in some 7th,sus4/2.
To write interesting music you need to think about alot of stuff and combine, If you take your knowledge from one place it becomes dull and boring.
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write a melody, then try to fit chords to it. see how different it is to what you usually come up with.

Also, listen to Tommy Emmanuel.
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Learn some key theory to learn which chords generally belong with eachother.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Just some random advice.. you play / write only for your own instrument, correct?
Music is all about context. A single instrument doesnt have it easy, because all context comes from itself, with no melodic interplay, harmony backing or rythm from other instruments to help it.

If all you are doing is strumming chords, you have the problem that you're playing a backing progression for a melody that doesnt exist
Some chordal playing can sound nice for a while sometimes, but there isnt a lot in there that will sound interesting.

It's a bit difficult, but the way to advance would be to imply both chordal and melodic / lead playing. This is a big feature of classical guitar playing, where one guitar plays both a harmony and a melody at the same time. That is why classical playing also uses finger picking.

Offcoarse, you dont have to get into fingerpicking if you arent trained in that, as it's quite a big skill to train, but you can make your playing more intresting by using different extensions / variations of a chord to sorta suggest a lead / harmony.