ok here is the diagram

i want to be able to switch between me clean and distorted channel without having to press both pedals at once so im wandering if there is a splitter pedal that can split the signal so i can just bypass eather pedal when i want

just to point out the EQ and reverb arnt necessarily going to be in that order thats just to show you my dilema lol

i want the splitter because i never use my chorus with my distortion and its getting annoying now having the small 1 second gab between 1 effect ending and the other starting.

thanks in advance =)
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For that to work youd need two a/b boxes anyway, cause youd have to hit both switches, or a splitter, which dont tend to work two well.

Though you could probably build something thatd do it quite easily.

Guitar input into input, amp input into output.
Chorus input into input of loop one, and output into output of loop 1.
Dist into input of loop 2 and output into output of loop 2. Should work i think. Shouldnt cost more than like £7 to build.