This is for sore fingers after practice. Rub aloe, preferably the blue kind with the pain killer in it, on your fingers if they hurt. This method got me through my first year playing the guitar. It really works.
I think I should do that. I've been playing for a while, but when I started to play this morning, my fingers felt like I had never played before! They hurt so bad that I had to stop playing. I also got the worst cramp in the back of my hand when I made a sudden movement. I'll pretty much do anything just to start playing for at least 30 minutes straight.
Might try that if I have a period of intense bass playing in the future (I'm mainly a guitarist). When I started bass I played several hours a day and carried on even after my fingertips were blistered. But as Tster said your fingers quickly toughen up if you stick with guitar or bass.
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