i wanna get a wahh bass pedal,
nevermind about price range or any of that,
but what's good out there??
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okay well i play in a fairly hard rock band and will probs end up using it for solos,
and i also play a fair bit of jazz and funk as well,
lets say under $500, aye?
Morley and Dunlop are the two big wah manufacturers. Morley's are more aggressive while dunlops are the classic wah sound. Go try both brands
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I just picked up a Dunlop Cry Baby Bass Wah the other day for $40, and it's awesome. The reason I like it is because it comes back up on its own (I don't know the technical term, sorry). This is useful because you can take your foot away, and the pedal will raise up on its own without you having to push it back up. Oh, and it sounds good too

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