this is a litle lesson about the importance of the bass note in a chord,scale,melody i'm also gona try to explain the role of the bass [and not just bass guitar] choosing the category was a bit difficult but i tought 'bass lessons' would be the proper category! this is also my first lesson so please be kind
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hey! i'm Boti!

ok now the bass note!
the lowest note of a scale and/or chord and the most important note let me try to explain the role of the bass I will emphasize on the bass guitar [wich could be the most important instrument in a rock band! even tough some ppl don't even know what a bass is]

its main role is to tie the drums and guitar together its like you have bricks [guitar and drums] but you need cement,glue [bass] to keep them together

i like to call the conbination of the instruments in a rock band a human body!
you have the lead guitar and maybe keys [skin]
the rhythm guitar [muscle]
the drums [bones]
and the bass [tendons]

cause thats what the tendons do,the keep the bones and muscle together

the drums and bass complement each other and i think the bass is a perfect mix between drums and guitar

but the bass is more than a rhythm instrument! it can it can ad a new dimention and even some "personality" to music

in intrevals ,chord and scales every note is related to the bass note [wich is often the root but some chords don't have the root as the bass i'll explain tht a bit later]

in a Cmaj chord the note E is the major 3rd but related to the root [C] without the root ,its just a note! its like that a chord is a wall and the bottom bricks are the bass note

now let me justify that 'giving some personality to music' thingy:
as i said every note is related to the root wich is often the bass and some intervals [the distance between 2 notes] are used to create emotions in the human mind

lets try this: fret down your 6th [lowest] string on the 7th fret with your 3rd finger wich is a B note and your 5th string on the 5th fret with your 1st finger to play a D note

the distance between these 2 note is called a minor third [cause the 3rd note of any B minor scale counting from the root B is D]

now play those 2 notes at once ,you'll notice that the sound it creates has a sad quality to

it ok now stay in the 6th string 7th fret, 5th string ,5th fret position but move your 3rd finger on the 6th fret of the 6th string a Bb note, your 1st finger stays on that D note and play these at once ,it sound happy ,bright it is a major 3rd and the only thing you've done it you changed the bass note by a half step and by tht your root is not B now,its Bb!

now fret both strings on the 5th fret [you can use just 1 finger if you like] that interval is a 4th and you notice that it sounds powerful and it is actualy a chord,a power chord!

move the bass note to the 4th fret now that a diminished 5th it sounds pretty evil,no?

its used to give and evil feel to riffs and licks,
for an example listen to the song Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath its in the very begining of the song!

songs that have that interval usualy have evil and even satanic connotations in the lyrics
and you can put connotations like this in you songs with the help of modifying the bass note its like talking through music!

the bass note also has a role in name-ing scales and chords
many think that its the root note that does that wich is true but the bass has a big role in it as well infact did you notice that in a chord the root note is most often the bass note but not always there are slash chords A.K.A. split chords
these don't have the root in the bass but another note and that change is so big tht ading an E bass note in for example a Cmaj chord can change the name of the chord from Cmaj to C/E and you can only do this with the bass note!

that is how important the bass note is!

its all about feeling!
let me leave you with this!

the vocals are something you understand!
the guitar is something what you hear!
but the drums and bass are something you feel!

any questions ,corrections and requests? just e-mail me on andrasiboti@yahoo.com or/and comment me!

i'm Boti thanks for reading and this is my first lesson so be kind thank you,by!