I only listened to Mad World but it was awesome, really good job you inspired me to learn how to play it.
I listened to about the first minute of Mad World (sorry, all I could handle, the song makes me cry lol), and it sounded pretty good. Song works epically on acoustic guitar.

Didn't listen to Chapter Four, I don't know the song so I it wouldn't very worthwhile to give you any feedback on it.
as with robhc, I've never heard Chapter Four, so I only listened to Mad World, which was fantastic! Can't think of any areas for improvement, it was definitely better than I expected, since I'm not usually a fan of instrumental covers. I agree that it works really well on acoustic guitar, keep up the good work!

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1347309
Cheers guys
Nice video chris shame it wasn't a bit clearer. Could you post an updated version maybe?
Thanks, I don't have an updated version, actually. The only cameras I have are that one (where the audio is always extremely quiet, and when you zoom it's ridiculously blurry) and my webcam, which I used to record my other videos, where the audio is also wonky
I enjoyed both, don't think I would want you to change either of them

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