My strings get dirty really fast on my guitar. Dirt builds up particularily underneath them in days. I bought a new guitar less than a week ago and all ready the strings are filthy, underneath and all around the D string. What can I do to prevent this and/or what should I do to clean this up.
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Mainly the D string? that's strange. Where do you keep it in your household? To keep dirt of the strings try to leave it in the case when your not using it. As for the dirt under the strings, if you have trouble getting it out with a finger, then use a small cloth and push underneath the strings, grabbing each side and rubbing to get the dust/dirt off. Unless its a serious build-up of grimy specs of black dirt in the pickups or something it shouldn't really matter. Try bringing it to the place you bought it (or any other music shop) and ask if they can clean it for you. I only do this maybe once every year to keep mine in top shape. Hope this helps.
Wash your hands before you play and wipe the strings off when you finish.