My strings get dirty really fast on my guitar. Dirt builds up particularily underneath them in days. I bought a new guitar less than a week ago and all ready the strings are filthy, underneath and all around the D string. What can I do to prevent this and/or what should I do to clean this up.
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rub your fingertips together vigorously for about 10 seconds, and see all the little bits of black shit that appears there. Now that's the filth on your strings. wipe that shit off, wash your hands and towel dry them, and then you should be rubbing less crud into your strings.
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Hmm. How to stop something being shitty? Don't put shit on it and if you do, wipe it off?

Prevention is better than cure, as has been said. Don't have dirty hands.

After you have played, wipe down the strings with a microfibre cloth, underneath as well (slot it underneath, then whip it up and down a time or two).

This will help your strings to live a touch longer too.
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Wash your hands. Wipe down after you play.

That's all you can really do about it.
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