Going to buy a ISP Decimator and a Maxon 808 pedal, do they both go infront of the amp?
the isp can go both in front and in the loop i beleive, the 808 goes in the front.
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Would the ISP completely remove feedback, and when I would be playing and then would stop, would there be no noise from just having the Decimator?
well that's the idea, but if you run your gain maxed you may get some slight noise but ISP pedals are supposed to be basically the best pedal based noise gate available
decimator in the effects loop, maxon in the line
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Still, would the Decimator stop feedback when I stop playing? E.G breakdowns. And when I'm not playing, there wouldn't be alot of sound.
To get rid of feedback, put it in front of the amp, after everything else (except time based effects).
To get rid of amp hiss, put it in the loop.

If you want to get rid of both, get the G-String version (or second noise gate).
I want rid of both, I'll have to get the G-String version then. Does that go infront of the amp, or in the effects loop?
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^ The Boss uses what they call "X" connection. I tried it, it's just OK. The Boss hits your tone, the ISP is transparent.