Looking to completely change everything I have, so I'm selling all my gear. Will have around £800 - £850 to spend on a complete new rig. I'm looking for a great classic rock/hard rock tone and some classic metal. Something like Van Halen, GnR, Ozzy, Maiden, Bon Jovi etc.

It will be for home practice so wattage isn't an issue as long as it sounds good.

I am willing to go used as well.

Hit me with some suggestions.

Well before anyone says anything, please spend more on your amp than on your guitar, thats what i wish i did when i got my first guitar and amp...
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For an amp, I like the Peavey JSX. For the price, it's hard to beat. You can get it in a combo, but if you would buy the head I would reccomend either the matching cab or something loaded with Vintage 30's.

Guitar-wise, I'd reccomend a Hagstrom Swede or Super Swede. They're similar to Les Pauls, but have a thinner neck and a special truss rod that prevents the neck from warping
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It all depends on whether I can find a cheap used one though

Anyone know of any nice JCM 800 clones for a bit cheaper?

And has anyone tried a Peavey Vypyr Tube? tempted by that just because of it's versatility because I like a lot of styles, although I would prefer a great hard rock amp.