Just a little something I'm working on.

I'm not calling you a liar,
I just know you bend the truth
To stop it from hurting me
And I know why it's done
Cos the truths set in stone
Sticks and stones may
Break my bones but
Lies will never
hurt me

You set the world on fire,
With a hand over my eyes,
To stop it from burning me.
Your license to kill
Is now a license to die...
I'm left sucking on your
dismembered thumb
As the skies fall from
above me.

Glass sinks into my hands, trying to pick up the pieces,
scattered from my broken glass runway,
Bullets spit from dripping glands, hidden in suitcases,
Full of sweat and blood and tears, and adrenaline.

I'm not blowing your cover,
But all of your highs have different identities,
You tell your Dr no,
But he expects you to talk,
The money flows, in the double O's
So you still mean something
to me.

Hidden undercover, in the shoes of another
leaves you with nothing you can say.
empty heartless stone, and indiscriminate chatter.
Will be all that is on your grave...

Tongue firmly place in cheek. tbc