Hi guys, I'm pretty sure it's not possible but does anyone know if one can extrapolate separate wav files (for each track) of a recorded CD?
You mean for remixing or something? I know you can extract wave files from Windows Media Player. Maybe some software that works with wave files can get the rest of the job done? In other words, I'm not sure...
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Yes, I'd want to reexport the track to like a Logic or a Garageband and work on them....thanks anyway
nah it can't be done mate

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You can get the finish product on a CD, that's it. Once it's on a CD, you have 2 tracks, Left and Right, all the others have been rendered together. You may be able to find the mixes online, depending on the artist/genre, maybe an instrumental or acapella mix, this is very common with electronic music for DJ's, but not so much for rock.