My band have written a song we call Splitting Image, i've recorded the Guitar and Bass Rhythm parts to give the other guys an impression of how it'll sound but i was wonder if i could get some crits from other people.

it's unmastered and probably not mixed that well as i am using crappy headphones (new ones soon though! )


Edit: And C4C of course
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The demo quality wasn't all that bad, and I liked how audible the bass was. It could be a great song, but you will need some brutal vocals, and killer lyrics to make it memorable. Feel free to crit either songs on my profile.
Yeah, i turned the bass up so my bassist could hear it and play along to it.

We're still searching for a frontman to do Vocals unfortunatly , but when we get one we'll record the vocals and upload .

i've critted both of them just now.
Dude the first thing I saw when I opened up the myspace page was the logo and I thought it read Dork Internet. I was like what the hell...
Pardon me, I've had a few tonight. haha

I very much dig the sound though. It kind of reminds me of Pantera meets Sepultura's Troops of Doom only not quite as polished. And around the 2:30 mark it is reminiscent of some early Machine Head.
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