I've got an old Ibanez Gio that I'm gonna completely redo... Money wise it makes no sense, but I'm just doing it for fun, and want to see how good I can make this guitar sound. But, I'm starting with paint until I can fund the rest of the crazy plans I have for it. I have a nice size chip (about the size of a fingernail) on one of the corners. This paint is stupidly thick (looks to be 1/8 inch or better) and primer won't cut it. I've searched and read the thread up top, but everybody just says "use filler." What kind of filler? Bondo? Wood putty?

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You wnat some sort of epoxy based car body filler.

2 part with hardner. Something like RAGE.

Bondo is OK but not the single part spot putty and not any with glass fillers (fibreglass) in it.
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