First of all i would like to say this is my first ever amp, I've built guitars and pedals but without the help of http://www.18watt.com/ i would be completely stuffed, so i'm just saying a quick thanks to everyone on the site and all the help information I've gathered.

I decided to build an 18w TMB because i wanted that extra versatility to just the normal Marshall channel, this is for my Year 13 A level product design course, everything was built from scratch, chassis and all own sourced parts. I thank valve power in the UK for giving me a great set of Transformers as well.

The amp turned on first time and i was astounded by the tone, i guess patience really does help when getting involved in these projects.

Ive taken some pictures and done a quick walk through video, if anyone is interested.

Heres a video, well the second part with the amp with some effects on.


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looks good, but you know that before I click on the link to the video we still need gut shots

Yea sorry unfortunately the pictures are on my phone for the insides and ive lost my cable..

I'll have to add them another time
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Nice amp. I have a 18W TMB myself, they are fun little amps.

What iron is that btw, I don't recognize it.

What iron sorry, and thanks!
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Your transformers.

Ahh there from a Uk site called valve power, great set of PT and OT.

Very cheap aswell
That sounds great! Yeah the ValvePower transformers are great.
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is it me, or are there 3 output tubes?

It looks like that but the valve on the left is an ez81 rectifier tube where as the two next to it are el84's, this amp has a valve rectifier.