Hoping someone can advise me on a problem thats getting more and more annoying as time goes on, I'm basically having to change the strings every fortnight because they lose their new feel a few hours after playing.

On my fretting hand, calluses form but they don't stay around very long and peel straight away, this is constantly occuring, its happened through loads of different play times, sometimes I play for days in a row, playing at least five hours each day in one session or I'll play every other day for five hours.

The dead skin build-up is taking a toll on my playing and sound, anyone got suggestions on how I can remedy this, I basically have dry skin everywhere which doesn't help matters...

Maybe change brand of your guitar strings? My fingers peeled relentlessly when I used the stock strings on my Vintage, but didnt when I changed to Ernie Ball Slinkys.
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clean the guitar? store the guitar in a gig bag or case, whipe it down after you play, and every so often clean/condition teh fretboard if rosewood. if not, rub it down.
I could clean it every time I play but I don't want to have to do that, none of my guitarist friends have this issue, they don't wipe it down at all and the strings are fine.
If you play that long and that often, any string will be broken in.

There's nothing you can really do, except grow to appreciate the tone of broken in strings, or spend the cash on strings every 2 weeks. Some people do do that, it's just not economical.

You can try Elixir strings, I've read that they last a really long time, but I've yet to try them myself.

Just try out different string brands, see what works for you, if anything.
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Burning through strings and wearing out hands is normal for people who play a lot and play hard. Some guitarists can destroy a set of strings during a single live set. If you're really laying on the strings for five hours a day you just have to accept that they aren't going to last long and buy in bulk.

As for your calluses, soak your hands in warm water and then scrape them away with a butter knife or pumice stone. Don't rub off the whole callus, just the dead skin on top. If your calluses get really bad you might have to fill them in with super glue—and if you think you have it bad, some serious slap bass players have to fill gaping holes in their thumbs!