I have this Brown Note D'Lite 22/33 and I want to put it into a 2x12 combo.

The only thing is I can't find a 2x12 combo for a D-style amp and I'm not sure if I can mount this in an 18 watt style 2x12 combo:

The chassis is 17" long (same as 18 watt and JTM-45 I believe), but mounts facing forward, upwards on the cabinet (the tubes hang down) - so it's mounted by screws from above.

Like this:

Does anyone know of anything that will work or have any ideas?
I just found out that this chassis will fit perfectly in a Matchless Lightning cabinet.

Does anyone know of a cabinet maker who makes cabinets for Matchless (besides gabkits.com) ? Or if you have an idea how to build a cabinet like that that would be cool, too.
There are numerous cabinet building threads in GB&C. Take a look at them and maybe you can get a better idea of what is involved. If you have the right wood working tools and are patient enough to plan things out, you can build a nice cab.