Bought one off ebay just out of curiosity as I couldn't find any info on the web at all.

Seems well made. Orignal FR trem, bookmatch ain't bad. Not had a chance to whip the PUs out yet to see what they are.

Any info would be gratefully received!



You bought a guitar that you don't know anything about...?

That sounds like a mix of a cellphone and guitar though.
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Check to see if it has Blutooth.

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What's the data plan on it?

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is it WAP enabled?

but srsly £82 with hard case is a bargain by anyones standards.
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let's see what kind of reception you get with it!!!!!

anyone? reception? get it?
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i prefer Sony Ericsson myself, but thats enough cell phone jokes for one poor thread.

i like the look! the 12th fret inlay is cool. and i like the weird off-center body style. can't tell you anything about them though, sorry
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shit part out the trem and you've already made about 100 quid, profit

sweet score
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Did the gig admirably. Tuning stability was excellent. Pfftt..bargain!
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That's a great body shape; any more pics?

I'll pop some up a bit later.
Jackson DK2M
Jackson DKMG (81/85)
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bump just in case someone has an epiphany
Jackson DK2M
Jackson DKMG (81/85)
Peavey JSX
Marshall 1960a
Boss GT-8 4cm