hey guys, i just wanted to know how many semi-tones it is from standard tuning to drop c tuning and if a tuner that goes down 5 semi-tones will be able to tune to drop C. thanks
drop c;
E string down 2 full steps (4 semi tones???)
the rest of the strings (ADGBe) down 1 full step
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C - 4 semi tones
the rest - 2 semi tones
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yeah a tuner that goes five steps down should be fine
like mentioned, your low e string should go down 4 semitones, and the other 5 strings go down 2 semi tones

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A A# B C C# D D# E F F# G G#

If you count backwards (down) from E, you'll find C, 4 notes (half steps/semi tones) down.
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