I've had a trusty Peavey C30 for 13 or 14 years that I bought used from a small music store. The thing gives me pretty sweet tone. I play guitars with EMG pickups and a GT-8 for FX & distortion. I can get sounds ranging from a cool acoustic to dirty heavy metal distortion (more "modern high-gain channel" than "buzz-saw" pedal type of distortion).

I've been looking at getting some sort of 112 extension cabinet to increase my stage volume, but I'd like to get something with a complementary speaker in it.

The problem is, the speaker in my C30 is completely unmarked!! The back of the driver is solid black. Was there a period where Peavey made these with some generic speaker, or was it swapped out in its previous life, or is this some specific "brand" of speaker?

Please help!! And even though there are millions of posts asking "what is the best speaker," could I get some recommendations for the best speaker and/or extension cabinet for the broad spectrum of tones I use?

The back of the speaker, magnet, everything is completely devoid of markings... VERY generic looking. I could try to remove it from the cabinet to see if there is anything on the front of it.

So supposing it is some generic no-name speaker, what would be an appropriate replacement for it to give me the best overall sound?
Under $300 for the extension. I see the retailers selling a half-dozen or so 112 16-ohm extension cabs for under $300. And I've seen Avatar cabs recommended a lot, which are under $300 as well.
did the WGS web site self destruct overnight?? I was on their site yesterday listening to samples for all their speakers, but today I get a page that says "Apache is working on your cPanel® and WHM™ Server" o_O

anyway, the ET65 sound clip was pretty good with distortion (I think it was a dual rectifier)... there were a couple of others that sounded much thicker though... can't remember which one though.. maybe the Reaper?? what happened to their web site!?!?!
Well, I finally pulled the trigger and got a WGS ET65 for my C30 amp (I also got an Egnater Tweaker 112x extension cab a month ago). The speaker is significantly heftier than the original and looks awesome with the painted framework. I only put the speaker in and had about an hour to twiddle with the controls last night so I'm still trying to dial in the sound.

With the original pedal/amp settings, I noticed only a slightly brighter clean sound, a bit richer high-gain amp channel sound (especially with my Schecter on the SC pickups), but the distortion sound was very different... much more sizzle. It immediately reminded me of Randy Rhoads' sound on BOZ, or Fight's second album "Small Deadly Space." I like it but I'm not used to it yet. I might have to use a different distortion pedal to get somewhere in between the current sizzle and prior speakers flatter (I'd call it more "generic") sound.

Thanks for the input!
had first gig this weekend with this new speaker, not even fully broken in, though I could tell the high-end was starting to roll off through the week... I got a lot of compliments from the other bands on my tone...
A new speaker takes time to break in, for it to move freely, it will start to sound different after about 24 hours playing.
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