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So me and my friend are in a disagreement about buckethead

Position #1: he has no feel at all, he just plays super fast n make wierd noises with his guitar

Position #2: he is a great writer, has a good combination of feel and speed.

please vote

edit: if you you think that he is neither, then say what you think.
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well if people took the time to listen to his much slower songs they'd recognize he does write profound music and just because he shreds doesn't mean he's some souless guitarist?

wtf do you want him to do? make his sex face every time he does a full bend?
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I originally thought option one. Then to take the piss, I listened to him on Spotify. I came across the Electric Tears album and he's one of the only guitarists that have left me speechless. And if that's not soul right there in that album... Then... Well I don't know.