Hey guys what's up? so I want a distortion pedal tha could deliver me the distortion of some of this bands: Pearl Jam , led zeppelin, ac / dc and them crooked vultures. i play hard rock, grunge, and some blues. I have a Roland Microcube amp but i'm thinking of getting a Marshall MG15 or a Marshall MG DFX, So do you know which pedals do these bands use? Hope u can help me. Thanks in advance.
I would advice you to save up more money for atleast a decent amp before thinkin about pedals
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I;m pretty sure those bands use overdrive pedals through an alrighty dirty amp

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Instead of buying some shit pedal, save your money and buy a proper amp that can deliver distorted tones without a pedal (stay away from marshall MG).
well I only play at home so, buying a big amp is out of question..
Real bands rarely use distortion pedals. Amp distortion from a high quality amp is way better than any pedal. The point of distortion pedals is that an $80 pedal can get you about the sound of like a $500 amp. But pro quality amps are still in the 1-3 thousand dollar range, and nothing cheaper is going to sound as good. Just so you don't have un-realistic expectations of what sound you're gonna be able to get on your budget. I'll let someone else recommend a pedal for you.
Jekyll & Hyde covers both distortion and OD at a decent price. And it sounds good too. Your amp plans don't amount to much, if any of an upgrade. If you are dead set on an ~$100 amp that sounds good with pedals, the Vox Pathfinder is a better bet.

Your amp budget suggests that you need to stop worrying about what the actual bands use and concentrate on just getting a reasonable tone to work with.
dont get the marshall mg. it's actually a downgrade from ur microcube. Sure it's bigger and louder but in terms of tone, the microcube wins. Also u dont have to buy a big amp. There are small good tube amps.

For now just save up for an amp. Ur microcube is a modelling amp and it doesn't take pedals well. What's ur budget, we'll recommend u some good amps.
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