Hello =D
I've been trying to do the barre chords for like 945839582 years and I finally got it! Woohoo

But there's a problem :/ I can only do it in the higher frets =S I cant put my fingers on the like 2-5 fret idk why... but I can do it on like 10+

Is this normal o.O However I think that I put my thumb in the wrong position =S Is there ONE good way to put it or more ?

Also the G chord everyone seems to do it differently o.O Is there a way thats better?

THank you
Also the G chord everyone seems to do it differently o.O Is there a way thats better?

Using the Middle - Ring - Pinky method of fretting the G chord makes the transition to/from a C much easier/faster.
The G chord can be barred across the third fret, or just held with open strings again on the 3rd frets.

A chord is comprised of various notes, the barre G chord contains all the same notes as the normal G chord - they are just re-arranged. Hence why it is in the same position 3rd fret wise.

And naturally it only occurs with the G/G barre, if you shift up 2 frets from the G barre chord you hit A, which normally would be 2nd frets and open A string.

The difference between barre G is that open strings chord tend to generate more volume - so if all the other chords aren't open stringed it just sounds better to barre G as apposed to open G.

What videos on youtube of people playing barre chords, there is probably lots of video's.

Consult UG's lesson bar aswel

And as always - practice makes perfect.
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I find if you place your thumb in the middle of the fretboard (on the back) and kind of angle it with your nail in it makes barre chords easier. This is traditionally how you play classical guitar because it gives your hand a further stretch and allows you to barre easily.

However, most likely you just need to strengthen your fingers, there are tons of excercises online for that.

Another note is that barre chords are not only for major chords, a barre chord can be the basis for any other chord, such as a Gmaj7add4 or other complex chord structures (not the most complex example, lol).
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It's much easier to barre the strings around the middle of the neck (around the 12th fret), just as it's much easier to bend strings around the middle of the neck. When you fret a note, you are bending the string ever so slightly to bring it down to the fret wire. It requires more strength to bend a string the closer you get to it's "nodes" (the nut and the bridge). Same principle with fretting/barring. So yes, this is perfectly normal. But keep at it and you'll build up the strength to be able to barre any chord, anywhere on the neck.
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