This is my second original song/recording. I recorded with a Les Paul Jr., and a Line 6: Spider IV. I have no Pedals or other fancy software, but the sound quality is somewhat decent in my standards. As far as songwriting skills, creativity, atmosphere etc. please comment on what you liked, and how it could be improved. PLEASE INCLUDE
Your favorite genres, styles, bands, etc. The song is under 12 String July 2010 on My Profile
was that song dancing around my head?!
dude was it panning, seriously, it freaked me out.
nice job man
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The intro is a 12 string guitar? It sounds more like keyboards to me. What effects did you use? Sound quality is good on intro. Certainly an interesting sound. Lead guitar tone & playing is so-so. Song gets somewhat repetitive, but I give you credit for doing something unusual. The piano sounds good. I have never had anyone from Utah (Zion National Park was amazing 2 months ago BTW) comment on my music via the internet, so please check me out at this link:

Well ya, it's a Guitar Pro 6 12 string with some weird amplifiers i expirimented with. I'll post them once i find the names. Unusual, or unsettling was what i was going for, and i tried for a second riff but couldn't come up with anything good.