Could someone tell me the easiest, quickest and cheapest way of blocking my trem? It's an Edge Pro 7 on an Ibanez RG1527 and I don't actually want it to move at all, I hardly ever use it and I'm too partial to screwing about with tunings to have it floating all the time...
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The quickest and easiest would be to simply cut a piece of wood to the appropriate dimensions and insert it behind the tremolo mechanism inside the cavity of the guitar, and then re-setup the guitar. It's easily reversible, and will allow more stability for tuning, setting intonation, and two-note bending. The trem won't be able to recess into the guitar body, but can still move forward, so you can still dive bomb

and quick youTube video to show how it's done

I also have a link to a more through way to do it, would be to insert wooden pieces both behind and in front in the tremolo mechanism, Although it takes a little longer, and is not as easily reversable


There is a website which sells tremolo blocks, stabilizers, and anything else tremolo-related. Their tremolo blocks are made of brass and/or titanium, which would resonate the sound from your strings much clearer than wood would