hey so i finished building my saga tc-10 kit a while ago. so far it has been pretty good but i wanted to know if i should re-wire the guitar (new pots switch ect.) cause suddenly i have had some ground noise that gets really bad when i touch the strings. also i was thinking about the pickups, bridge and nut. i have read on other forums about peoples bridges and some pickups not fitting in the hole or the screws not lining up. i have already finished the guitar so if there was a bridge that fits the stock holes that anyone knows about could u post a link or something? and same thing goes with the pickups. i know its not my amp cause it does it with both mine and my friends. thanks for all the suggestions!
Your ground wire may have just come loose, so check that before contemplating a complete overhaul. I've got a SAGA kit that I built and I haven't had any trouble with the electronics
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yeah i went through today and looked at all the electronics and replaced anything that i thought looked sketchy but its still doing it :S