Hello everyone.

Just finished this one up. No guarantees this is how it'll stay. It's pretty simple pop song, but that's what I like, that's what I know, and that's what I write.

The title may be misleading as this isn't a particularly happy song actually...

As for length, It's also somewhere around 5:20 or so. Enjoy!
GP4 - ''Smile!''.gp4
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Not much to be critted in a (n intentionally simple) piece like this. It's great, it serves the purpose it's been given very well. Perhaps spice up that solo a LITTLE?
It isn't a genre I'm really into, but it seems well written. My only complaint is that the section before Verse 2 shouldn't repeat; putting it back in a post-chorus was a good idea, but having it play twice gets a bit repetitive.

C4C? The link in my sig needs it.