hey guys,

ive got an Ibanez RG350M Yellow which has a Edge III bridge.

now ive just changed the strings (about 2 weeks ago) and the 3rd, or G string keeps going out of tune when i use the tremelo, why is that the only string to go out of tune?

but then again, when i pull up on the tremelo bar and then release it most of the strings go out of tune.

is this type of bridge not very good or have i done something wrong?

i am using the same gauge and manufacture of strings as what was previously on my guitar.

Stretching the strings will help a lot if you didn't do that when you put them on. I have an Edge III as well, and mine goes out of tune when I pull up too, but when I push it down again and return it to the neutral position it's back in tune. I don't think having one specific tremolo will solve the problem it's just how strings work.
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I like this tremolos but they are low end...

Im thinking selling my B.C Rich Beast NT TBK and buying same guitar (same color) or Squier telecaster CUSTOM

Did you lock the nut? If so, loosen it so that the nut is only resting on the string tops. Also, if your trem system is still pulling like a mother and knocking strings out of tune after loosening the nut, then open up the back and pop out a string.

Here's a link on tips for setting up a tremolo: http://www.cleverjoe.com/articles/guitartalk_tremolo.html.

Here's how to actually set it up: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=614226. (I know that's technically for setting up a Floyd Rose, but an Edge III is simply a Floyd Rose with some small modifications. The modifications allow Ibanez to not be sued for breaking patent law.)

Edit: I can't emphasize how much easier it is tune and keep in tune your locking tremolo system when you keep the nut mostly unlocked. Simply handtighten the screws in the nut pieces so that they're touching the strings, but not actually completely locking them. That way, you can still use you tuning pegs and the strings has more natural rebound from using the trem bar. I got that tip from a guitar tech one time, and it's made my life SO much easier.
So, whether it fixes your problem or not, TS, unlock your damn nuts!

Quote by vaca11
I like this tremolos but they are low end...
Correction. These are actually some of the higher end, higher quality tremolos on the market. Yes, they're touchy as hell and pain in the ass, but if you know how to care for them, they're the best damn things. You just have to know how to do it is all.
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I can to anything I want with my edge III, I have the locking nuts undone, and the perfect spring tension, and height, and It RARELY goes outta tune. even then, I don't really care if It does, because for a rehearsal I'll just put locking nuts on it.

I love my edge III, might swap it out for a OFR or a Edge Pro. Cuz I've heard that it's a direct replacement for this certain trem system, if I could only find a place that sells Edge Pro's....
And OP, don't think your trem is terrible because I love mine, and eventually if your not scared anymore of going out of tune and all the annoying bugs, bad bridge hight, then its really a good customizable feature on your guitar that just rocks!