My strat is currently set up with a SD Hot Rail/Stock single coil/SD lil 59 going b/m/n. The single coil is stock from my 2003 Highway 1 strat, which I've heard are brighter than normal American Strats. The tone knobs are 500k pots and set to the neck and bridge. The volume is still a 250k pot.

What I'm looking for is a single coil that has a bit less ear piercing twang. I only use it with the neck or bridge, never alone, but even when turning the tone knobs down the single coil comes in way to loud on the high end. And by itself it's much louder than the other 2 pups.

Can anybody recommend me a single coil that is a bit cooler on the highs, and will blend well with my other 2 pickups? I really dig the warmth the lil 59 adds to my clean tones with the single, I just want it to stop hurting my ears.
Guitar: Fender Strat (SD Hot Rails in bridge, SD lil 59 in neck)
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