I recently took my guitar to a music shop and the tech guy quickly did some little stuff on the guitar for free, but he decided that my pickups were too low and now the guitar sounds like crap. Same settings on amp and guitar and processor, just crappy sound. Any suggestions?
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...Lower the pickups...?

He also could have fixed it and it just sounds different, just mess with the EQ until you find something you like, unless it sounds like he broke it.
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Guitar Before Shop: Sounded Good
Guitar At Shop: Raised the pickups
Guitar After Shop: Sounded Bad.

The solution seems simpled to me. Do you have a phillips head screwdriver?
This problem is fairly common. Especially with single coil pickups. If adjusted too close to the strings the magnetic pull has an effect on the way the string vibrates and changes the tone and sustain. Humbuckers can be set quite close to the strings without any adverse effect. If you have single coils - Lower the pickups until there is about 1/8th of an inch of pickup cover protruding above the pickguard. Then make small height adjustments from there depending on personal taste.