uh so i covered dani california today in my very very hot garage. I used my texas special strat thru my decent crate amp, with the cheap boss overdrive and distortion pedals, my phase shifter and cry baby pedal. I used audacity with my rock band mic with out any tuch-ups so its not very high quality. Its just the guitar parts, because i watched a few john frusciante videos last night of him playing dani california so i wanted to give it a try.
any comments and suggestions is appreciated, il return the favor

edit: oh and its on my profile
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Quote by quinn_1888
its not that bad, just the quality isnt great

yeah, hence the rock band mic lol
Hey not too bad I liked how you tried to play around with the different effects. And yeah if the recording quality was better it'd definitely help get the sound you want out much better. You also got pretty good feeling on the solo there. Haha this is also a personal favorite to cover, I just havent recorded it. Well anyway, if you could check out my cover of the song Memory, here on Soundclick. Theres also several originals on their if you'd like to checkout. Particularly: Tidal Wave Remake and It's Not Over.
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Good playing man,
Shame about the quality )=
You should deffo purchase a good mic and a line six pedal of some form, they are awesome for a cheap set up in comparison to what's out there!
You're playing was pretty awesome though,
The solo was decent, and I liked how you cut the backing for it for more emphasis (=

C4C my beast and the harlot cover? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5mJ8i4Odvs