tomorrow I am gonna go get a takamine gs330s at guitar center. I was thinking about getting a capo as well. Are there certain capos I should get or stay away from to prevent warping the neck?
i dont think a capo has enough force to warp the neck
although the dunlop trigger capo is a good one
You would have to use the capo in a manner that it was never intended to even slightly damage the neck. As in, you would have to consciously try to do damage...
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Don't worry . Capos don't have enough force to warp your neck. Just don't leave them on for hours and hours, as it messes with the tension on the neck (or so I have read somewhere). However, I did get a nasty finish crack because I was careless with a capo I had once. I was taking it off without paying attention and then I slipped, banging the plastic edge on the neck, causing a slight finish crack. Doesn't affect anything though, as it's just a crack in the finish. But enjoy the guitar, take care of it, and try to get a capo where you can adjust the tension, if you want to be on the safe side .
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