Hey, I need to know if theres any alternative amp I could use cuz I am sooo broke (15 years old) lol and as many of you know, guitar is a passion, obsession, addiction, etc. And my amp is with my dad 6 states away. He procrastinates like hell. I need to know if theres anything i could do to make my guitar have an amp or something to amplify the sound. Is there a cord i could hook up to my TV that I could buy? ANYTHING! I GOTTA PLAYYY
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play unplugged?

ive been doing tht for about 3 weeks. i wanna hear my pinch harmonics
If you can get like $50 you can get a headphone amplifier or a battery powered one. Actually I believe I've seen them as low as $30. It's not going to have any kind of killer tone though. Or maybe even a cruddy little practice amp. Do you know anyone around you who might have an amp you can borrow?
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ive been doing tht for about 3 weeks. i wanna hear my pinch harmonics

if you have a sound system with an input you could plug it into that dont expect any great tones out of it
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Regardless, i guess if you have some speaker lying around, and you have an adapter, you can plug your guitar into the input of the speakers and play.

you won't hear anything without an amplifier because the output of the guitar is not high enough to "move" the speaker
Why is this here exactly?

Your best bet would be to buy a pocket-amp such as a Marshall Mini-Stack / Vox Am-plug for a few dollars. It won't sound pretty, but at least it gets you amplified.
If you switch between your dads and mums house a lot, you may want to save up for a amp for both places. Second hand practice amps aren't that expensive.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.